Company overview

Advanced Strategic Partners (ASP) is a specialized
Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) firm dedicated to providing
new revenue marketing programs, business valuation, and
M&A transaction advisory services for the middle-market
Laboratory Diagnostic Industry. Founded in 2007, ASP
Executives provide laboratory industry expertise, market
knowledge, and professional insight in maximizing your
business valuation. ASP clients include hospital systems,
public companies, and mid-sized Laboratories.

Differentiation From Competition

ASP is an exclusive group of “hands on” laboratory experienced professionals focused on delivering the best possible service with direct involvement of senior staff in every project. Each and every new revenue marketing program, business valuation, or M&A transaction advisory project is led by one of ASP’s senior staff members.

Our team members provide substantial laboratory industry expertise, marketing knowledge, and professional insight in delivering revenue generating programs to maximize an owner’s exit strategy. ASP has a specific niche of servicing only the laboratory sector. To insure maximum value of a M&A transaction we focus on preparing a prospectus to highlight the maximum value of a laboratory. In a confidential environment with laboratory owners, ASP spends several hundred hours preparing your business prior to taking it to the market. This ensures maximum value is obtained and no money is left on the table.

ASP advisors have had an ongoing track record of achievement through the successful completion of hundreds of projects exceeding $1.2B of new business revenue and M&A transactions.

All of the ASP Executives either came from the laboratory industry or have 10 years of experience in the laboratory industry.

  • Experienced Laboratory Advisors

    ASP advisors have served in multiple executive roles in the top of the healthcare and laboratory industry.

  • Leverage With ASP Existing Network

    With over 60 collective years in the healthcare and laboratory industry, ASP has built a solid network of contacts.

  • Total Commitment to our Clients

    ASP is committed to delivering outstanding customer service characterized by teamwork, integrity, and results.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact one of our senior level professional advisors and confidentially discuss your needs free of charge. For more information, Call: Melissa Butterworth on her direct number at 954-734-4345 or send an email at

There are many functions that a M&A advisor will provide during the sales process. This is further discussed in detail in our book “How to Maximize the Value of Your Laboratory as You Prepare Your Exit Strategy.” We highly recommend hiring a laboratory industry expert to represent you and your laboratory when you decide it’s time to sell your business. There is no substitute for his/her relationships and experience. No matter how sharp or educated you may be, the lack of experience at understanding how each potential buyer is measuring your companies metrics can and will translate in reduced dollars for the value of your business.

The average time to sell a business from start to finish is approximately 9 months. There will be many factors that contribute towards the length of time for the closing. This will be discussed in further detail during your initial meeting with one of our M&A advisors.

Advanced Strategic Partners has competitive rates to other M&A advisors in the laboratory market place. The fee depends on several factors including the size of your laboratory, services that you need from your advisor and expectations of your end result. We will discuss this with you once we have established whether ASP is the right fit for your organization.

Advanced Strategic Partners signs a standard confidentiality agreement prior to any discussions about the specific details of your business. We have been providing M&A services for over 11 years and understand how critical confidentiality is to both your business and the future of your company.

Advanced Strategic Partners has been working in the laboratory space for a combined 60 years between all of the advisors on our team. We have worked with most of the industry buyers and understand the metrics that they will use when valuing your business. Once our services are retained, we will provide guidance on what you should expect.

Advanced Strategic Partners is a specialized boutique M&A firm specializing in the laboratory sector. We provide all of our clients with a full list of references upon request after a confidentiality agreement is executed.

We anticipate our firms book to be published late summer. We will provide a complimentary electronic pdf book to those prospective clients who are willing to meet with one of our team members to discuss the possibility of using our advisory services.

In addition to learning how to position your laboratory to achieve the maximum value, we also take you through the exact process you can expect when selling your company including but not limited to:

• Deciding how and when to sell your company
• Determining who to put on your “dream team” of advisors once you decide to sell
• How to value your business
• The different type of M&A advisors and how they structure their fees
• The difference between an Asset & Stock sale
• Earn Outs, tax consequences and “things to think about” during the sales process
• Due Diligence and what to expect
• The Closing and Post Closing of the sale
• The Top 80 “Check List” of essential items to consider when selling your laboratory

All of ASP Executives, Consultants and Advisors worked in the laboratory industry holding various positions including V.P Sales, CEO, CFO and or COO. In addition to understanding the industry, our team has expertise in “generating sales & marketing programs” to help you achieve the maximum value for your laboratory when you decide to sell.

We will make ourselves available to meet with you and your team at your earliest convenience. You can contact one of the founders to schedule a “face to face” meeting at the following:

Melissa Butterworth-President & Managing Director
(954) 734-4345

Dan Lucky- CIO & Managing Director
(904) 477-0945

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