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Preparing your laboratory to maximize profits when you have decided to sell your company

Advanced Strategic Partners provides consulting services in the following areas:

  • Reviewing the “current state” of your business specific to the financials, contracts, structure, positioning, organization of key documents, etc.
  • Reviewing the current sales and marketing structure including the existing personnel, strategy, compensation plans, etc.
  • Reviewing the history and structure of the organization and understanding possible tax consequences of a sale.
  • Completing an analysis of the documents that will be needed to take your company to the market vs. documents that currently exist.
  • Provides revenue strategies to boost sales in addition to making recommendations to cut costs prior to taking your company to the market to be sold.


The consulting services may be as simple as a one-two hour phone discussion about your business or a more in depth analysis with key recommendations in order to best prepare your business to be sold. Advanced Strategic Partners charges hourly for these services and will apply the charges towards the sales fee upon the closing should you decide to work with our firm to become your exclusive listing representative.

The key advantage of engaging our team as your consultants prior to selling your business are:

  • This allows both parties to begin the process together and determine if there is an appropriate fit for the 6-9 month sales process
  • This ensures that your business is well prepared to be taken to the market
  • This will ensure you maximize the VALUE of your laboratory when you have decided to sell